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Versatile, durable, stackable and storable!


  • The all-in-one garden cage and trellis system!
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easily snaps together into small cages for smaller plants, large cages for larger plants and trellises for vines
  • Perfect for tomatoes, peppers, peas, flowering plants, baby trees, almost anything you can think of!
  • Brightly colored!
  • Extremely durable!
  • Doesn’t rust or rot like metal and bamboo!
  • The Garden Tamer makes wire tomato cages a thing of the past!
  • Takes up less retail space than traditional tomato cages.

U.S. and various foreign patents pending.

5 colors available (click to view full-size photo):


The Garden Tamer solves all your garden caging and support needs.